Chess on Stage

Chess on Stage, Wooldridge Square - Austin, Texas

Chess on Stage, Wooldridge Square – Austin, Texas

I’m not sure if this happens regularly, but I noticed these gentlemen playing chess on stage, though nobody else was around to watch the riveting game. The structure is located in Wooldridge Square, one of the original pocket parks in central Austin, located next to the Austin History Center.

Located between 9th and 10th streets, though downtown, it’s quiet on the weekends. It’s far from the restaurants, shops, and bars that seem to dominate the central business district these days.

I usually park in this area when I go downtown. I often find street parking, even free, depending on the time. It’s a pleasant and healthy 1/2 to 3/4 of a mile to my usual downtown photography destinations.

Not only is photography my avenue for creative expression, but it’s also how I get most of my exercise. No extreme sports or workouts for me. Just walking, sometimes at a brisk pace. In the summer Texas heat, that’s all I need. Oh, and no need for expensive memberships to fitness clubs either.

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