Additions to the Fuji Lens Collection

Wooldridge Square and Skyline - Austin, Texas

Wooldridge Square and Skyline – Austin, Texas

When I bought my Fujifilm X-T10 a couple of months ago, I was planning a slow ramp of lenses to add to the collection. I started with the 23mm f2, which I bought with the camera. That gave me a versatile 35mm equivalent. But, I also made a wishlist of lenses that works well for street photography and portraiture, which was my main purpose for the Fuji. My slow ramp idea got shot to pieces when Precision’s used camera department struck again with deals that I found too irresistible.

Top on the wishlist was the 35mm f1.4, which works similarly to the Panasonic Leica 25mm f1.4 that I use most of the time on my Olympus PEN-F. Except, with the Fuji, I get an equivalent depth of field of f2.1 instead of f2.4. The second was the classic and killer portrait lens, the Fuji 56mm f1.2 which gives an 84mm f1.8 equivalent. Less than a week after I bought the X-T10, someone traded in a boatload of Fuji lenses, including those two on my list. The prices were too good to ignore.

How good was the pricing? The 35mm f1.4 which lists for $599 was $350. The 56mm f1.2 which lists for $999 was $650. Both were in excellent condition with only the slightest bit of wear. It was a low-risk proposition to try them out since I’m buying from a reputable store. As expected, I love both lenses. So much so that I haven’t shot as much with the 23mm f2. In keeping with my new financial perspective, I decided not to delay if it’s something I want and the pricing was good.

The photo for today is Wooldridge Square with a couple of new Austin high-rises. The zig-zag skinny building in the center is The Independent, which is currently Austin’s tallest. I’ve featured that building a few times including this post, showcasing all the new development near 2nd Street.

That pergola in the center of the park is the same one I posted earlier this month. I made this picture with the Fuji 35mm f1.4. In fact, I used the same lens for all fourteen photos from that series. The 50mm equivalent is currently my favorite focal length. I like it for street photography, isolating architectural details, and even environmental portraits. I suspect it will be my most used lens.

The 56mm f1.2 is a specialty lens that I’ll dedicate mostly to portraits. While I haven’t posted any Drink and Click portraits lately, I’ve gone regularly to those events and still take a lot of pictures. I’m starting a new series tomorrow of portraits made with the Fuji 56mm f1.2 — they are very different from my previous ones.

One big reason I bought the Fuji was to try something different. To consider the possibilities and explore the capabilities of the new gear. I think the upcoming series really shows that.

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7 thoughts on “Additions to the Fuji Lens Collection

    1. Thank you for putting up with the gear talk. I try to have a mix of content. But hopefully, the photos I features are always worthwhile.

      1. Yes and I do love photography I just can’t get to everyone every day. When I see your post I always like what u post minu6gear talk .lol

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