Sunset at Wooldridge Square

Sunset at Wooldridge Square - Austin, Texas

Sunset at Wooldridge Square – Austin, Texas

On my inaugural trial of the Fuji GF50mm lens, I headed closer to downtown. I caught the last minutes of a sunset at Wooldridge Square, one of the four mini-parks laid out in Austin’s original city plan. The warm rays swept over green grass as I snapped this picture using a tripod. This is February in Austin, some bare trees but green grass. It usually doesn’t get very cold here.

This composition isn’t very dissimilar to this view that I made last summer with the Fuji X-T10. As you can see, the trees where fully-flush with leaves. The 50mm on the GFX medium format Fuji is equivalent to 40mm in full-frame terms. The picture from last summer is at a 52.5mm equivalent. That and the different aspect ratios explain much of the difference in framing. The GFX shoots natively at 4×3 and the X-T10 at 3×2.

I now own the 63mm and 50mm lenses on the Fuji GFX system, which equates to 50mm and 40mm equivalents. It doesn’t seem like much of a difference, but 20 percent more can be significant. I like the 63mm for environmental portraits, but it often seemed tight for urban landscapes. The 40mm isn’t ideal, but noticeably better for these kinds of scenes.

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