The Skyline from Enfield

The Skyline from Enfield - Austin, Texas

The Skyline from Enfield – Austin, Texas

This is not the most impressive view of downtown Austin. However, even this skimpy skyline has changed immensely over the recent years — 15-years-ago, almost none of these buildings existed. This is from Enfield Road, which is effectively 15th Street. Much of the tall towers are built along the downtown river and at most 6 blocks deep. The busy road below is North Lamar Blvd.

For the past month, I’ve posted images from my two recently purchased used cameras, the Panasonic GM1 and Fujifilm A900. I have one more used camera I bought, but I’ll talk about that later. Today, I’m switching back to the Fujifilm GFX 50R, my big, medium format camera.

When I got the GFX in January, I promised myself that I would shoot with one lens — the 63mm — for the entire year. The camera and lenses are expensive, and I didn’t want to grow the system as quickly as I usually do. My self-imposed lens restriction got shot to hell just a month later, however. Fuji put the 50mm on sale, and I couldn’t resist.

The GF50mm f3.5 is the smallest and least expensive GF lens. It works particularly well with my rangefinder styled GFX50R, somewhat reducing its overall bulk. The normally $1000 lens was reduced to an enticing $500. 50% off sounded good to me. This day in February, when I made this photo, is the first time I used it.

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2 thoughts on “The Skyline from Enfield

  1. $500 is a steal for any GF lens. I can see why your GAS was stronger than your will power. 😃

    I think I already have too many cameras (film and digital) but my “wish list” still keeps growing. The GFX50R and X100F/V are on my list along with a Nikon FM3A.

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