Prom Night

Prom Night - Austin, Texas

Prom Night – Austin, Texas

It was probably the hight of prom season when I make this photograph two months ago. I was on 6th Street, in front of the Driskill Hotel. I’m guessing the prom was at the Driskill, which is one of the nicer grand old hotels in Austin.

I like the color version too, but changed it to black and white as a test and also to be consistent with my flow of posts. As crazy as it may seem, I usually have a topic or aesthetic theme to my blog posts that go in groups of three. Why three? On a computer or a large tablet, my blog home page is laid out in a grid of squares, three across. Something you don’t see if you jump directly into the post.

I wouldn’t compromise my photographs for the sake of blog layout, of course. I actually like the black and white version of this photo, better. Sometimes, you just don’t know. Since I shoot RAW, I can always use whichever version I like. My post processing courtesy of Capture One.

It’s been a productive long holiday weekend, though not necessarily a relaxing one. I worked every day, for the last four days, in my yard for 4 to 5 hours each day. It’s tiring work, but I got a big feeling of accomplishment. Luckily, the heat in Austin hasn’t been as bad is it usually is at this time. I also shot the 4th of July fireworks and did a downtown photowalk with friends. And, I managed to finish and send out my July Newsletter.

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