Drink and Click Portrait: Sarah

Sarah, Drink and Click Portrait - Austin, Texas

Sarah, Drink and Click Portrait – Austin, Texas

Today, we have Sarah to close out this series of up-close portraits. Like Emily two days ago, Sarah was lit by natural light. In fact, I made this portrait several minutes after I made Emily’s.

Most of my portraits in the series were with a ring light, which I shot after sunset. Regardless of the light source, I used a similar framing. A decidedly unusual one for a portrait — really tight and in landscape format. The tight crop was a conscious decision as was using a really large aperture — f1.2 with a Fuji 56mm lens. It gives an equivalent 84mm f1.8 on a full frame camera.

The landscape orientation was more of an organic choice. Meaning, I did it instinctively without any deep thought. For many, though not all, I also made portraits in the typical vertical portrait orientation. But, I prefer these horizontal formats, if only to be a bit different. Perhaps someday, I’ll post the more traditional ones. But, my anal desire for consistency compels me to post these nine photos of the series in a consistent format.

I’ve talked recently about left vs. right-brain thinking. The analytical vs. creative. If you haven’t figured it out, there’s a battle between my two sides. The horizontally originated closeups, especially with the ring light, are clearly a creative right brain exercise. But, the consistency of the portraits, the minimalist framing, and the order of the blog posts are influenced by the analytical left side.

I work with what I got and make compromises. But, I’m not satisfied unless I order and structure my posts as best I can. Perhaps more details to my inner workings than you want, but there is always an intended method to my madness.

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