Winter is Coming

Sign of Winter, Costco - Austin, Texas

Sign of Winter, Costco – Austin, Texas

October weather in Central Texas can be rather inconstant. We can have highs in the 90s, while a sudden shift can drop temperatures 40 to 50 degrees within hours. The streak of oppressive Texas heat usually ends towards the end of September. But lately, the cool weather is taking its time, which didn’t appear this year until early October.

Here in Austin, it’s not always evident which season we’re in. Most say we have two seasons, hot and not so hot. There are seasonal patterns in stores. The stocking of excessive sweets before Halloween or the twinkle of Christmas lights, which now start before Halloween. Another one of my seasonal visual cues is the Presto Heat Dish display at Costco.

Yes, winter is coming. Costco says so. I was there tonight. Getting some daily necessities on a quiet Tuesday, and happy that I didn’t have to experience the aisle clogging onslaught that is a Costco weekend. Yup, there it was, the Presto display heating the shoppers as they flash their membership cards. A visual reminder that it might get cold soon. Which apparently it is. It might drop into the 30s over the next couple of days. Of course, soon after, temperatures will rise into the 70s and even back into the 80s.

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