Relaxing on the Upper Deck

Relaxing on the Upper Deck - Austin, Texas

Relaxing on the Upper Deck – Austin, Texas

I talked about the spectacular views of downtown Austin yesterday, from the upper deck of the Central Library. It’s a nice space too, perfect for socializing or even taking in a good book. I spotted this woman in the extreme north-east corner.

My Fuji X-T10, equipped with the 35mm f1.4 lens, wasn’t particularly suited for the vast expanse of downtown vistas. But, it worked perfectly for candid street photography, even though we are perhaps 100 feet above the street. Converted to a classic black and white for tradition’s sake.

This is really a casual, almost throwaway photo of everyday life in Austin, but it’s telling. Just a few years ago, no one in Austin would’ve believed this photo was made in Austin. The rapidly growing downtown is not only manifested in tall towers, but with changes in the fabric of everyday life. Austin is still small by global standards, but some subsections look like a downright big city.

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4 thoughts on “Relaxing on the Upper Deck

  1. Interesting picture! So many lines!!!!!

    (you are probably not aware of the pain you are causing to your Michigan readers by casually showing pictures of people relaxing outside in T-shirt)

    1. Great to hear from you, Laurent. I’m glad you are still reading the blog. Yes, I guess I am pretty insensitive showing this to the audience from the colder areas up north. I’m sure y’all laugh when I complain about 30 and 40 degree temperatures.

      It is a complicated picture. Unfortunately, there are high voltage power lines that run though this area which clutters the visuals even more.

      1. I did not think it was a bad thing at all. I think it makes the picture very interesting. That location has potential. I wonder how it would look with different focal lengths as well.

        I always read your blog! (it is actually the only one I read these days). I am really very tempted to find an Olympus XZ1 now! (That means a lot because I am the cheapest amateur photographer you can think of…I am still mostly using a 10 years old DSLR with a 20 years old lens on it)!

        Keep your posts coming!

      2. Thank you, Laurent, for your continued patronage.

        The price / performance ratio is not the best with the XZ-1. There are less expensive point and shoots out there. But, as I’ve stated often, I like the color and mood of the images it produces. It looks different, I think.

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