West from the Library

West from the Library - Austin, Texas

West from the Library – Austin, Texas

The upper deck view from the Central Library faces mostly east and south, and there was no view westward. But, it didn’t stop me from finding this framed view, one floor down. As a bonus, the interior reflections off the window added some depth.

There are new condos on the westside too — all the tall ones that you see out this window. The solid cement structure is the old Austin power plant, Seaholm. It’s been repurposed into offices, complete with non-functional white smokestacks that now just echo their past function.

There’s a Trader Joe’s at Seaholm and a Whole Foods not too far away. That makes these condos and apartments the most convenient downtown. I wouldn’t raise a family here, but for young professionals and empty-nesters, it gives an entirely new urban lifestyle that never existed in Austin until recently.

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