Boy on Motorcycle

Boy on Motorcycle - Mysore, India

Boy on Motorcycle – Mysore, India

I don’t remember how fast this motorcycle was going, but it probably wasn’t very speedy. But at 1/1000 of a second shutter, it was enough to freeze the action. I was there in a fruit market, in Mysore snapping pictures of just about anything that I found moderately interesting. And, given the fact that India is so different from Central Texas, almost anything qualified.

My fastest and most reliable focal length for street photography is a 50mm equivalent. I like to use prime, non-zooming, lenses for simplicity. Not having a lens zoom eliminates a variable and speeds up the image taking process. Not only that, prime lenses are smaller and usually have higher image quality. It’s a big win if you learn to see the world at a set focal length.

I like this boy’s expression, and it’s probably appropriate looking at a crazy foreigner with a camera. I’ve shot many on scooters and motorcycles, but most were through car windows. This up-close marketplace snapshot makes a direct connection with always adds to a street photograph.

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