Smallest McDonald’s

Smallest McDonald's - Singapore

Smallest McDonald’s – Singapore

I’m back above ground in Singapore, shooting on the street on Orchard Road, one of the high-end shopping districts. This was close to my hotel on the last day of my Singapore trip. I had some time before my flight, and I finally had an opportunity for daytime photography.

Is this the world’s smallest McDonald’s? I have no idea, but it’s certainly diminutive. It was a perfect subject for street photography, especially with a cute kid getting refreshing soft-serve ice cream in a very hot and humid local. Singapore is in the tropics, right on the equator.

This kiosk appears to be a strategic satellite to the main store close by. Some seven years ago, one my second trip to Singapore, I got a fantastic chicken sandwich at McDonald’s. Rest assured, I don’t frequently eat at McDonald’s. However, I like to get unique menu items not available in the US. In India, for example, I once bought a Maharaja burger that was basically a Big Mac but with chicken patties instead of beef.

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