Apple Store Orchard Road

Apple Store Orchard Road - Singapore

Apple Store Orchard Road – Singapore

I went to the Flagship Apple Store in Singapore like I try to do when I visit major international cities. This Orchard Road store was the first one in Singapore, which opened a couple of years ago. The two-story design sort of reminds me of the San Francisco Flagship on Union Square.

Of course, Apple Stores follow a similar design language. However, there are differences due to climate, building codes, and evolutions in design. In the temperate climate of San Francisco, for example, there are giant glass doors that open much of the front. You get the ultimate in inside/out architecture, seamlessly flowing between the street and the store. In hot and humid Singapore, the store has a normal entry.

Apple Store Orchard Road - Singapore
Apple Store Orchard Road - Singapore

In Singapore, Apple has moved from a silvery metallic finish to a creamy gray stone. The typical glass and metal staircases are also made of stone.

Apple Store Orchard Road - Singapore

The grove of interior trees remains, however, with their usual leather padded seats built into the planters.

After much initial consternation, I’m now comfortable using the JPEGs from the Canon G7X Mark II. They look great as long as they are exposed properly. I still post-process them, but only slightly to add a bit of pop.

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