MRT Motion Blur #3

MRT Motion Blur #3 - Singapore

MRT Motion Blur #3 – Singapore

For my third and final study of MRT motion blurs in Singapore, we move a level up towards the exit. This composition benefits from leading lines that the first two didn’t have. I made this with the Canon G7X Mark II compact, which only has a 24mm equivalent wide-angle. Using an even wider focal length exaggerates the distortion and makes it more dramatic.

Are motion blurs gimmicky? You tell me. I’ve applied this technique in many photographs, in very different circumstances. Part of photography, I think, is to create a single image that challenges the usual perspective.

There is a subtlety to motion blurs — you want the right amount. Not too little, which just looks like a mistake, and not too much, which hides all the details. But the shutter speed is not a set value. It depends on the speed of the action. A 1/4 of a second here looks great for people, but it’s probably too slow for a speeding race car.

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