Over the Metropex

Over the Metropex - Dallas / Fort Worth - Texas

Over the Metropex – Dallas / Fort Worth – Texas

I snapped this bright city on my flight from Chicago back home to Austin, not knowing where it was. I rarely make these kinds of photos because they don’t usually turn out very well. To my surprise, this image from the Canon G7X Mark II compact looked halfway decent. I certainly have more capable low-light cameras, a combination of factors probably helped.

First, it’s a big enough city that it generated some acceptable light. Even so, I shot at ISO 1600 at f1.8 with a very slow 1/8 of a second. More importantly, I was flying high enough that the slow shutter speed didn’t make a blurry mess. If I were closer to the ground, the relative movement would have produced more motion blur.

I just recently realized where this was. A quick check of the EXIF and Google maps confirmed my theory. This is the metroplex. The Dallas, Fort Worth metroplex that is. The amber-colored buildings, just right of center, looked like the DFW Airport. This was shot about 25 minutes before I landed, which puts it squarely in Texas. Using Google Maps, I determined that the bright area on the bottom is downtown Dallas and the other bright blob left of center is downtown Fort Worth.

Today’s post finally completes my long series from Singapore. Along with the multiple posts of India last year, my December 2018 business trip coverage comes to an end. Tomorrow, a different location and a very different kind of post.

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