Portrait, Chinese New Year

Portrait, Chinese New Year - Austin, Texas

Portrait, Chinese New Year – Austin, Texas

I only made a couple of portraits during this year’s Chinese New Year, but I like the way this one turned out. You can tell she is the member of the dance troupe that I featured yesterday, which was the start of this year’s lunar New Year coverage.

I don’t often take portraits, it’s something I dabble in. I do shoot models during Drink and Click social photography events, but those are different. Those folks love posing in front of the camera, and I often try to tone them down, discouraging them from falling back to their pre-programmed model poses.

This portrait doesn’t seem like it was shot in Austin, which I really like. Between the dancers in their exotic costumes and the Asian-looking background, there’s nothing that gives it away that they are in the middle of Texas. Certainly a lot easier and less expensive than flying to the other side of the world.

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