Unconsciously Following Trends

Homemade Bread - Austin, Texas

Homemade Bread – Austin, Texas

Another day and another picture of food. I swear this is not going to turn into a food blog, though I have one more food-related post tomorrow. I tend to post related topics in increments of three if you didn’t know. Of course, food photography is very prevalent on the net, though I very rarely post any.

This rather tasty and crusty bread was baked by my son. He apparently does more than breakfast tacos. I just found out that he likes watching YouTube videos of cooking shows. That’s where he picked up his interest and skill. That, and the necessity of learning to make meals since he lived in an apartment with his college roommates.

It turns out people in quarantine like to bake. That’s why the run on flour was on par with the shortage of toilet paper. My son insisted that he didn’t get his idea from the internet. He just always wanted to try his hand at baking. It seems people under similar circumstances — with abundant time and no place to go — unconsciously follow the same trends. We visited several stores, and we happened upon a small bag of flour, purely by accident.

What was even harder to find was yeast. We tracked down a hefty supply from a restaurant/bakery that was selling their excess. Now, with my son baking bread and my wife making scones, it’s wreaking havoc on my low carbohydrate diet. I’ve done the best I could sampling the baked goodies while not going overboard on the carbs. After all, eating and cooking at home are one of the few pleasures we have these days.

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6 thoughts on “Unconsciously Following Trends

  1. Yes, the craving for home baked bread seems to have swept the country. King Arthur Flour…purveyor of the finest baking supplies In the US…has been out of its signature bread flour – in retail stores an online – for more than a month.

    1. It seems like the flour shortage is easing somewhat, at least in Austin. Yesterday, I saw some flour at the local supermarket. Though, it wasn’t King Arthur.

    1. I heard there is a shortage of break making machines too. The one my son made was made by hand and cooked in a cast iron pot.

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