Superheroes Mural

Superheroes Mural - Austin, Texas

Superheroes Mural – Austin, Texas

I was delighted to see an artist in action as he painted a superheroes mural on a boarded-up storefront. There’s been a number of these murals painted on plywood on the bars on East 6th Street. A kindhearted way to beautify an otherwise sad sign of the current pandemic. I’ve documented those too, which I’ll show some time in the future.

This is the first time I actually caught an artist in action. This was on West 6th street, which is considered to be slightly more upscale than the more character-filled dirty 6th. I made these pictures on a Sunday in early May. I hear some of the bars have subsequently reopened. Though I haven’t been downtown since.

Superheroes Mural - Austin, Texas

Superheroes Mural – Austin, Texas

You will notice that both superheroes have masks on, which is wise even for the very powerful. For us, mere mortals, all the more important. As Austin starts opening up, and the ranks of unmasked individuals swell, I’m more hesitant to visit.

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7 thoughts on “Superheroes Mural

  1. Good morning, Andy. Hope you are well. Yet another great shot and a beautiful work of art that gets people thinking. I have an unrelated observation though. The sign above states “waitresses”. That is remarkable to me as here in Belgium that would be illegal as it’s per definition sexist. It would at least require the mention of “waiters” as well. Funny how such mundane things can be so different in other places in the world.

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