Happy Homebound 4th

Hot Dog at Home - Austin, Texas

Hot Dog at Home – Austin, Texas

There are no firetruck-lead parades with kids on red, white, and blue decorated bikes, following along. There are no neighborhood cookouts with hot dogs and hamburgers. There are no large scale firework celebrations. Yes, July 4, 2020, is a very different animal.

On the 244th birthday of the United States, the country is going through some epic challenges. Hopefully, it will make us and the country stronger.

I’ve substituted the usual 4th of July festivities with something less public. The hot dog is unceremoniously microwaved instead of charcoal-grilled. But, I’m using a Hebrew National with a fancy looking split-top bun from Trader Joe’s. I even did my taxes today. Not fun, but patriotic in its own way.

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