East 5th Street looking West

East 5th Street looking West – Austin, Texas

I’m down 2 blocks south from yesterday’s post, on East 5th Street looking West. Here’s a closeup of the 32-story hotel and apartment tower I talked about previously.

I don’t remember what was here before this building, perhaps a parking lot. Austin had a lot of low-value surface parking until recently. One by one, they’ve been replaced by significant new towers. I like how this structure fills in the street next to the Westin hotel to the right. The Westin itself is new-ish, opening in 2015.

Notice the SXSW’20 banner on the left. I made this photo a week before the event was scheduled to start. For obvious reasons, SXSW was canceled this year. That probably saved Austin from a spike of COVID cases in March. Unfortunately, we got that spike right now, starting in late June and into July.

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6 thoughts on “East 5th Street looking West

  1. Unfortunately, as epidemiologist J. Giesecke wrote on the Lancet, lockdowns delay epidemic spikes and may flatten them a bit but do not suppress them forever. The picture, however is nice: there is always an appeal in properly executed bw photos! Would you describe your post processing? It seems to produce excellent results.

    1. HI Andrea, thanks for your kind words. I process RAW files in Capture One. I found a black and white film simulation emulating Kodak T-Max. I start with that simulation and add various tweaks depending on the image. But, I do all the adjustments in Capture One, and don’t use any other program.

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