Old Character vs. Modern Slickness

Back of 6th Street - Austin, Texas

Back of 6th Street – Austin, Texas

I was walking around 6th Street making photographic observations like I often do. This is from mid-July. It’s exercise, walking and carrying camera gear, and a form of meditation. I find it quite enjoyable, though, with the changing downtown demographic, I’m more cautious than in the past.

Today’s rather disheveled image is the northern back alleyway of 6th Street. It’s an image I have not made previously. This area is known as Dirty 6th, but the back of the bars are even more deserving.

Overlaying the stone veneer, with probably a century of wear, are vines and back of house trash receptacles. I find it a remarkable contrast to the slick and tall Westin Hotel on 5th Street. How would that hotel look in 100 years? Will the smooth, clean facade turn ugly with soot, not aging gracefully, unlike the buildings of yore? The old buildings look worn but grow with character as time passes.

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