Beautiful Diagonals of the Indeed Building

Diagonals, Indeed Tower - Austin, Texas

Diagonals, Indeed Tower – Austin, Texas

As the Indeed Building steadily climbs, its strong diagonal design is becoming more evident. I took this photo a month ago, so I’m sure it has grown noticeably since then. I also featured the building in a stubbier state shot in back in February. That black and white was part of my A Changing Austin series.

Like the last dozen posts, I made this photograph with the Canon G1X Mark II. It works as a convenient companion to the beefy Fujifilm GFX 50R. In fact, that’s one of the reasons I bought it. You see, the GFX 50R might be one of the highest quality cameras around, but with my two lenses, it’s not very versatile. My widest focal length is a 40mm equivalent, which often doesn’t capture the sweeping angles I want for urban landscapes.

The Canon G1X Mark II gives me a 24mm to 120mm equivalent in a convenient zoom. More than enough for almost any composition. Yet, the body is small enough to easily partner with the big Fuji. The decently large sensor also makes excellent images.

These photos are all at the widest 24mm equivalent. However, shooting in RAW, I can expand the crop to pull in additional details not shown in JPEG. It’s a similar situation I had with the Canon G7X Mark II when I created my Cinematic Style. This has the effect of widening the focal length and getting a higher resolution.

Diagonals, Indeed Tower - Austin, Texas
Diagonals, Indeed Tower - Austin, Texas

Both of these photos are the same, other than the camera orientation. I love the backlighting from the sun creating the extra sparkle. There is a character to the images from the G1X Mark II that I really like.

Optically and resolutions wise, this 6-year-old Canon doesn’t hold a candle to the details from the Fuji GFX 50R. However, in its own way, I love the Canon images even more. The Fuji is about technical image perfection and ultimate resolution. The Canon is about color and character.

Both cameras together make a good yin and yang package. They have different capabilities that compliment. Shooting architecture wide is simple. Using the 40mm equivalent on my Fuji is frustrating and is a lot more challenging. I’m hoping, however, that the restrictive framing will make me more creative.

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