6th Street Sunset

6th Street Sunset - Austin, Texas

6th Street Sunset – Austin, Texas

The parked cars have returned, but the bars were still closed. 6th street during the pandemic is still a shadow of the once-bustling entertainment district. A few of the restaurants, at least, were open, though with hardly any customers when I passed by.

I haven’t visited downtown at night in a while. With diminished visitors, it seems safer to do my urban photography during the daytime. Photographically, midday is rather uninspired. It’s acceptable for documenting the downtown development as I do in my A Changing Austin series. But it doesn’t make for dynamic photography. The nighttime is so much better for that, especially in this usually vibrant nightlife area.

The setting sun, however — especially backlit — adds some much-appreciated dynamism. I also love the colors that I get from the Canon G1X Mark II. Though I did add more warmth to the already warm Canon colors.

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2 thoughts on “6th Street Sunset

  1. Are you permitted to dine indoors in Austin during this pandemic? The extant restaurants in New Jersey are the ones who offer outdoor seating on the sidewalk, closed-off streets, open-air patio, or courtyard or who can offer curbside pickup or delivery.

    1. Initially, Austin didn’t allow indoor dining. But, it does allow it for a while now. Though, I still get my food for take-out. And, most restaurants don’t look particularly busy.

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