Make the First Move

Make the First Move - Austin, Texas

Make the First Move – Austin, Texas

From certain angles, the jumble of horizontal and vertical skyscraper lines is getting intense, with visible gaps being filled with new construction. This is looking southwest from 7th street. It is a similar perspective to this photo that was shot in March. This image benefits from 4 additional months of construction, a different perspective, and a longer focal length.

Just five years ago, there would’ve been four fewer skyscrapers. The scattered taller towers are giving way to a wall of buildings. Every month, a new high-rise seems to sprout from some underutilized parking lot.

Incidentally, the Make the First Move sign is an advertisement from Bumble, a dating app as I found out. Something that I don’t know anything about but does signify a sea change in social relationships. I don’t know which is changing quicker, downtown Austin or the app culture on smartphones. Undoubtedly, in tech-heavy Austin, the two are linked in some way.

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