High-rise Welding

Highrise Welding - Austin, Texas

High-rise Welding – Austin, Texas

The pandemic has shutdown some businesses, but construction in Austin seems to be keeping pace. I still see a lot of buildings going up. I just happen to notice some high-rise welding action, which I documented here.

For the last two weeks, all of the posts feature photos from the Canon G1X Mark II. It has a very useful zoom range from 24mm to 120mm equivalent. Today’s is at its maximum. Not enough to get a closeup of the worker, but more than enough to frame a well-balanced construction shot.

Four years ago, I experimented with what I called my Photo Sketchbook, a Panasonic ZS50, which has an extreme 24mm to 720mm equivalent. That compact had a small sensor, which took decent photos, but ultimately didn’t meet my imaging standards. I also rarely needed to zoom in that closely. No, I think 120mm is good enough for most things. And, the Canon G1X Mark II does so with fabulous quality.

The building under construction is a 32-story hotel/apartment which is also visible in yesterday’s post. It’s the building on the left side of the frame. I did take today’s photo from a different and a lot closer vantage point.

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2 thoughts on “High-rise Welding

  1. The focal length here is just right, IMHO. It’s so easy to zoom in too far, and lose the story of the image, with a composition that’s either too tight, or that’s tells too much, not leaving enough to keep our curiosity, or our wonder.

    1. Thank you, Chris. I agree with you, though I wonder how I would have framed it, if my camera zoomed in more. I’ll take the compliment, however, and chalk it up to creativity instead of limitations with gear.

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