A Couple and their Dog

A Couple and their Dog - Austin, Texas

A Couple and their Dog – Austin, Texas

For my final photo from this series of street photographs from Mount Bonnell, we have a couple and their dog looking west. Unlike yesterday’s photo, where bad photographic technique caused me to botch a picture, there were no problems with today’s. I properly focused on the intended subject with adequate shutter speed to produce a sharp and precise photo.

Back in April, I talked about a new street photography technique with the Fujifilm GFX 50R, which I used here. With a 40mm equivalent prime lens, I don’t always have the flexibility to compose the way I want to. This couple was down the hill, and my scampering to get closer probably would have ruined the shot. Instead, I did a massive crop in post-processing.

This Fuji medium format camera has 51MP. After creating the final crop, I’m left with nearly 16MP. Plenty of detail, and I got tack sharp results. If I didn’t tell you this was a crop, I doubt you would have noticed.

A Couple and their Dog - Austin, Texas

Here is the original framing. I think this version has some of the moodiness I captured in this photo from two days back. Ultimately, emphasizing the subject with a tighter crop made for a more straight forward photo. Both will work, I guess. But that big rock center-left attracts more attention than I want.

Incidentally, all photos from this series of six posts were made on the same day. I shot them within 20 minutes. Sometimes, the photo gods smile upon an outing, and I make more worthwhile pictures than expected. It’s certainly hit or miss. Other times, despite hours spend, I come back empty-handed.

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4 thoughts on “A Couple and their Dog

  1. Dear Atmtx, excellent pictures, as usual, but I should disagree with your choice: I love the uncropped version more! The river is majestic, and this in my opinion gives a deeper sense to the couple: in the uncropped photo we see what they are looking at. Subjective judgment, no doubt.
    Best wishes, and thanks for sharing. Andrea Bellelli

    1. Hi Andrea, thanks for your comment and opinion. I certainly understand why you prefer the original over the crop. I too like the landscape and the background. I just personally find the rocks to be too distracting, even when I darkened them.

      It goes to show there is no perfect crop, and there are no right answers. Much of photography is artistic interpretation.

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