Town Lake YMCA and Skyline

Town Lake YMCA and Skyline - Austin, Texas


Town Lake YMCA and Skyline – Austin, Texas

I was venturing west to get a clean angle on the skyline. Since Austin’s tallest buildings are within several blocks of Lady Bird Lake, the structures extend mostly east to west. I was shooting from the west, trying to get a more impressive, denser view of downtown. Except, I have yet to find the ideal location.

In today’s photo, I used the curved roof in the foreground to add interest. The distracting powerlines came in handy as a graphical diagonal element.

I didn’t know what this building was until I later looked on the map. It’s the Town Lake YMCA. Town Lake is the old name for the dammed river in downtown Austin. Now renamed Lady Bird Lake, after Lady Bird Johnson, wife of the 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson.

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