Cloud Reflections at Sunset

2nd Street Looking East - Austin, Texas

2nd Street Looking East – Austin, Texas

At the beginning of July, during the long July 4th holiday weekend, I went downtown with my friend Chuck for a photo walk. Just the two of us socially distanced with masks on. It was the first time I went shooting with anyone during the pandemic. It was a fun change from my solitary photo excursions.

I spent more than the usual time making several images of this scene. The sun was setting and the mirrored surface, especially of the Austonian in the middle left, subtly reflected the colorful evening clouds. The two closer buildings on 2nd street formed leading lines, along with the street.

I often joke when on 2nd Street that Austin is beginning to look like a real city. The tall towers are starting to form urban canyons characteristic of bigger places. There is one more building going up in the area. Once that’s completed, I can move west another block to further emphasize this canyon effect.

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