Sunset Color, Lamar Blvd Bridge

Sunset Color, Lamar Blvd Bridge - Austin, Texas

Sunset Color, Lamar Blvd Bridge – Austin, Texas

A few minutes after I made yesterday’s sunset lit skyline, I walked down to the western side of the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge and took this picture. Same Fuji GFX 50R camera with the 28mm equivalent tilt-shift setup. I forget if I did much shifting. This image was more about the colors than the accurate rendering of the architecture.

I waited for the paddle-boarder to move to the center of the arch. In post, I recovered just enough of the shadows to give a touch of detail without revealing everything. The dynamic range of the GFX is absolutely more capable, but this picture needed to celebrate the shadows.

The calm sunset color and the mystery of the hidden areas add tranquility. Very different from these grittier black and whites that I featured of the same bridge several months ago.

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