Twilight Skyline

Twilight Skyline - Austin, Texas

Twilight Skyline – Austin, Texas

I’m on the east side of the Pfluger Pedestrian Bridge to shoot the growing Austin skyline. This photo is 14 minutes after yesterday’s sunset image and I managed to catch the last fleeting twilight before the blue hour.

I was shooting with the adapted manual focus Mamiya lens on the Fuji GFX, and I don’t remember the aperture setting. While I usually make these kinds of landscapes at f16, I’m guessing I used a larger aperture. I might have also played with the tilt feature of the adapter. Either way, I got an effect that I’m not entirely sure how I made. But I like it.

The middle of the picture is quite sharp, but the edges are soft and even slightly blurry. You might be able to see it if you click on the image for a larger view on a computer. The top of The Independent, the tall tower on the left, is soft. As is the skyline details on the very right. The effect gives a subtle dreamy quality that I like. Coupled with the nice light from the rapidly fading sunset, it has a look that’s different from my typical blue hour photos.

While it may not be technically sharp as this skyline photo from the same bridge, I think it has its own desirable character. Notice also that the 28mm equivalent gives a lot wider view than the 40mm equivalent I used previously.

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