Before the Light Show

Before the Light Show, Disney California Adventure - Anaheim, California

Before the Light Show, Disney California Adventure – Anaheim, California

The big event at night at California Adventure is the World of Color light and water show. You have to go early to secure a decent viewing location. I also had the extra burden of photographing the park at night, which I like even more than the daytime. Thus, as my family settled in to wait for the show, I scrambled around the park to make images. I’ll show them in the coming days.

While a bulk of the park congregates for the show, I took pictures of the other sections with limited people distractions. The show is worthwhile. But the next time, I’ll just spend the extra time making more nighttime pictures.

The prime viewing area is on the right. In front of the Ferris wheel, the little bumps you see in the water are where the water jets shoot out. Singapore has a similar show, though the Disney one is better, in my opinion. Disney has superior storytelling and the distinct advantage of a large inventory of famous characters and well-known music. Singapore, however, does have a spectacular skyline and the impressive Marina Bay Sands hotel. And, the show is free.

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