Spaceport Detail

Spaceport Detail - Anaheim, California

Spaceport Detail – Anaheim, California

There are oodles of incredible details at Galaxy’s Edge. The Disney Imagineers definitely went to town envisioning a life-like Star Wars-based world. Unfortunately, as I talked about yesterday, the harsh reality is that the crowds overwhelm the illusion.

I tried to catch snippets of details that show off the handiwork of the designers. However, excluding people from the scene is a monumental challenge. At times, I had to compromise the ideal framing — like I did in today’s photo — to get a people-less image.

Here we see part of the Millennium Falcon, docked at a spaceport. This is a real-life photo that I made at Disneyland. But the scene looks so improbable it resembles a matte painting for an upcoming movie.

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