Walt, Mickey, and the Winter Castle

Walt and Mickey - Anaheim, California

Walt and Mickey – Anaheim, California

As you know, I’m in the midst of a lengthy Disneyland coverage, which I visited back in December 2019. However, this isn’t the first time I talked about Disneyland. Back in 2011, about a half year after I started blogging, I also featured pictures of Walt, Mickey, and the castle. The gear and techniques were different, and I was probably a lot more enthusiastic as a photographer.

Take a look at this post from January 2011. I used a Canon 7D back then with a super-wide-angle Sigma lens. I made my pictures on a tripod and used HDR for maximum quality and dynamic range. I also waited until late at night to minimize people in the frame.

Cut to 2019 when I used a Fujifilm X-T10, kit lens, and shot hand-held. I made a few quick compositions. Yeah, I’m probably not as dedicated as I was before. Nearly a decade later, my energy has waned somewhat. I also know that I can make solid images without using HDR and a tripod. Image stabilization and advanced technology can mostly compensate. That said, looking back at my decades-old versions show a level of commitment and beauty not evident in my newest pictures.

I do think my compositions have improved. Back a decade ago, I made everything in a super-wide. Now, I used a variety of focal lengths to tell a different story. For example, I used telephoto compression to get Walt and Micky large in the frame and used the castle as a backdrop.

Winter Sleeping Beauty Castle - Anaheim, California

Winter Sleeping Beauty Castle – Anaheim, California

The Sleeping Beauty Castle with the lit-up icicles is in a winter theme. I don’t know if they changed from the two-toned color scheme to the all-blue version. Or perhaps the processing has lost the color subtlety of yore.

If I do go back again, I might revisit creating high-quality versions on a tripod. The Fuji GFX 50R should do a fine job. The big question is if I’m willing to wait late into the night to get the cleanest possible shot.

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