Launch, Space Mountain

Launch, Space Mountain - Anaheim, California

Launch, Space Mountain – Anaheim, California

This is the launch area for Space Mountain, Disney’s indoor rollercoaster. You can tell from the name and the look of the vehicles these are supposed to be rocket ships. When I was there in December 2019, they renamed the ride Hyperspace Mountain to coincide with the launch of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Hyperspace Mountain is basically the same rollercoaster but with Star Wars-themed video projections and laser beam effects. I didn’t like it as much as the original. First, the name and theme change made Disney look like they were trying too hard to market their latest movie. More importantly, the additional light from the Star Wars projects made it bright enough to see parts of the track. What makes Space Mountain exciting and slightly scarier is that it usually runs through a very dark interior. You can’t see what’s coming up, so it makes it more dramatic.

I assumed that the Disney World and Disneyland Space Mountains were the same, but they’re not. The Disney World version has a single rider per seat in a narrower vehicle. But, there are loads of other differences that I didn’t realize. As in true Disney fandom fashion, this blog post, lays out all the details.

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