Budget Star Wars

Budget Star Wars - Anaheim, California

Budget Star Wars – Anaheim, California

I’ve talked a lot about the new Galaxy’s Edge. But that’s not Disney’s first venture into the Star Wars world. Star Tours opened at Disneyland in 1987. It was a relatively primitive motion ride based on the original trilogy of movies.

When I rode it in 2019, it was refreshed to include all the Star Wars movies. Now in 3D, it was an improvement over the original, which seemed rather lackluster for a true Star Wars fan.

Star Tours and Space Mountain are both located in Tomorrowland, which focuses on the future. While I like technology and science fiction, places like Tomorrowland and EPCOT Center in Florida don’t seem to age well. Our real-world technology advances quicker than what Disney can build. The new places like Galaxy’s Edge and Cars Land might age better. Though they have a different challenge of being tied to movies that might become forgotten and irrelevant in the future.

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