Entrance, Natural History Museum

Entrance, Natural History Museum - Los Angeles, California

Entrance, Natural History Museum – Los Angeles, California

We wanted to go to the Los Angeles area museums as a counterpoint to Disneyland. First up was the Natural History Museum located near South Central LA, next to The University of Southern California. I heard it might not be the best neighborhood, but around the museum appeared tourist safe.

This may not be the main entrance. I think there is an elaborate old-world one on the other side. However, this is how we entered from the parking lot. Distinctly modern, it looks like an Apple Store except for the giant dinosaur skeleton hung within the cube of glass.

In addition to the versatile Olympus telephoto zoom, which I used yesterday for the sunrise skyline picture of LA, I brought my wide-angle. It came in particularly handy at the museum, as you will see. At an 18mm equivalent, it takes in the architecture with some wide-angle drama.

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