Posing Dinosaurs

Posing Dinosaurs, Natural History Museum - Los Angeles, California

Posing Dinosaurs, Natural History Museum – Los Angeles, California

This pair of dinosaurs is one of the centerpiece displays at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum. It’s located in a prominent spot surrounded by old-world architecture. I opted for a symmetrical composition of this symmetrical room.

The wide-angle Olympus lens worked well here to capture the exhibit in its context. It also adds more drama to an already dramatic display.

The room was fairly busy, but I waited for a little and caught a lull in the traffic. I like the addition of the motion-blurred couple, which adds scale and a sense of movement to an otherwise static scene.

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6 thoughts on “Posing Dinosaurs

  1. I like the use of the blurred couple to indicate scale. It also speaks of the slow pace of geologic time, from which the dinosaurs where extracted, in contrast to the transitory nature of our existence: gone in a fraction of a second.

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