Wide, Walt Disney Concert Hall

Wide, Walt Disney Concert Hall - Los Angeles, California

Wide, Walt Disney Concert Hall – Los Angeles, California

I noticed a couple of other architecturally significant buildings near the Disney Concert Hall and documented those. Before going home, I took one last crack at the concert hall. It was 1:15am, and I figured I should be getting back to the hotel.

Across the street and diagonal, I set the framing to 32mm. I didn’t want to go too wide and create more distortion. This is probably my favorite composition, though not entirely satisfied. The picture does capture its scope.

Ultimately, it’s stuff beyond my control that really detracts. This is such an outer-worldly structure — something like an alien ship — that mundane items diminishes the impact. The light posts, signs, and ticket booths just don’t match the architecture. The conventional towers in the background are an annoyance. Ideally, This building needs to sit by itself in a pristine landscape to be fully appreciated.

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