City Hall, Framed

City Hall, Framed - Los Angeles, California

City Hall, Framed – Los Angeles, California

For my last post of this tour of downtown LA, at night, we have city hall. Framed here by some construction cranes. I made this picture facing east from the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

I made my Los Angeles photos back in December 2019. I just looked at Google Maps, which shows the construction well underway. The first tower looks substantially finished, and there is a second and possibly a third tower. They appear residential or a hotel, based on the design. If so, adding residents to this area will be a real boon.

With the rapid change in the booming cities, urban landscapes are in constant flux. This is true of Austin and apparently LA, too. What was a snapshot on a quick trip to downtown LA is no longer possible to make.

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2 thoughts on “City Hall, Framed

  1. Progress does seem irresistible. For much of the 20th century there was an unwritten rule in Philadelphia that no building could be built to exceed the height of “the brim of Billy Penn’s hat”. That referred to the statue of William Penn atop Philadelphia City Hall. It was supposedly an attempt to keep the commercial center of the city in check, held to a livable, human scale. That fell apart with the construction of the first skyscraper-style building in the late 1980s. Within five years, City Hall and said hat brim were surrounded by a half dozen buildings hundreds of feet higher.

    1. I remember the gentleman’s agreement in Philadelphia well. It was a big topic of discussion when I live there.

      One Liberty Place broke that agreement. It add much-needed interest to Philadelphia’s skyline. Before that, it was quite unremarkable, with a bunch of boxy buildings just shorter than city hall.

      I haven’t been back to Philly in a while. But I am amazed by photos of the newest Comcast tower.

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