Stylish Couple

Stylish Couple, Getty Center - Los Angeles, California

Stylish Couple, Getty Center – Los Angeles, California

Continuing with the street photography mini-theme, a stylish couple that I snapped while documenting architecture. You might recognize the rotunda that I showed about a week ago. I like how I framed the couple within the curve of the staircase — a happy accident. Street photography requires quick reflexes, and I don’t usually get to meticulously plan out the framing.

I also like that the couple’s legs are in sync and that the man is glancing over to the woman. You can form stories around pictures, and the expressions of these two make for some creative ones.

On the downside, it’s too bad that there was another person so close to the couple. The two in isolation would’ve been ideal. There’s not a whole lot I could have done about that. I have not changed the framing or perspective just converted the image to black and white for a minimal amount of processing.

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