Photographic Illusion

Photographic Illusion, Getty Center - Los Angeles, California

Photographic Illusion, Getty Center – Los Angeles, California

I like this photograph that appears to be printed onto glass panels. It gives the illusion of a real room that is connected to this gallery space. Particularly so in black and white. The architecture and the cactus also match the external look at the Getty Center. Which makes it all the more convincing.

Unlike this picture from a couple of days ago where I explicitly waited for a person to create motion blur. Today’s picture is a happy accident. The woman just happened to get up as I snapped the photo. I think it adds to the energy.

I often shoot in shutter priority, adjusting the shutter speed to optimize the image quality. A slower shutter lowers my ISO, which produces higher-quality images. I was shooting here a 1/13 of a second. Just enough to create this blurred motion.

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2 thoughts on “Photographic Illusion

  1. With your point of view towards the door and excluding the art from the gallery walls the motion is quite a gift. It adds another element of interest that holds you in the frame longer than a study of shapes/patterns.


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