Via Rodeo Steps

Via Rodeo Steps - Beverly Hills, California

Via Rodeo Steps – Beverly Hills, California

These are the famous steps at Via Rodeo. Probably the most recognizable place in Beverly Hills. Are these a scaled-down, Americanized, and Retail-ized version of the Spanish Steps in Rome? Perhaps.

This is part of the same shopping mall featured yesterday. In that post, I compared the overly-clean development to Disneyland. Maybe a more apt comparison would be Las Vegas. The fountain (not seen, left of camera) and the architectural flourishes smack of an overt throwback to another era and place.

Most of Beverly Hills was quiet — it was late at night. However, this tourist spot was still energetic. The woman on the left with the light-weight clothing was doing some kind of impromptu photoshoot. I think they were using a smartphone and with no supplemental lighting, so it couldn’t have been professional. Probably an Instagrammer. It was chilly that night. What some people will do to get their Likes.

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