Rodeo Drive Shopping

Rodeo Drive Shopping - Beverly Hills, California

Rodeo Drive Shopping – Beverly Hills, California

After dinner and a short tour of Little Tokyo, we headed back to the hotel. It was a long but productive day of sightseeing. I’m not a Southern California expert. However, I knew we were passing through Beverly Hills. The upscale city for the rich and famous.

It was getting late, and most of the shops were closed. I found a garage nearby that was closing in less than an hour. Paying an unreasonably high fee to park there to take a look at Rodeo Drive. My wife and mother-in-law were curious about this well-renown place.

I haven’t showcased many photos from the Olympus, but this is one with the wide-angle lens. It captured the immaculate and spotless street of this upscale shopping mall. It’s so clean that it looks like Disneyland. A world away from Little Tokyo separated by only a dozen miles.

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