Darth Vader’s Bike

Darth Vader's Bike - Austin, Texas

Darth Vader’s Bike – Austin, Texas

Okay, I’m sure you will agree that if Darth Vader rode a motorcycle. He will choose this one. This one, unfortunately, has to follow the rules of primitive Earthly physics. It uses rubber tires and lacks anti-gravity propulsion, common in Star Wars land.

Even though he also dresses in black, this bike doesn’t fit Kylo Ren at all. He is much too insufficient for such a magnificent machine. I’m sure you agree that Darth Vader has the villainy gravitas that the young Ren lacks.

I’m not a biker but can appreciate the artistry of these vehicles. While most of the bikes are Harley’s at the ROT Rally. This one is an Indian Motorcycle.

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