Sliver of Sunset

Sliver of Sunset - Honolulu, Hawaii

Sliver of Sunset – Honolulu, Hawaii

Relaxing after a 20,000 step day of walking through Honolulu neighborhoods, I noticed this. The view out my hotel window — a highly urban scene in the middle of Waikiki. I know many people go on vacations to quiet and relaxing destinations. In my family, we tend to go to big cities for excitement. A contrast from the comparably quiet everyday suburban life of a mid-sized city.

Perhaps not an ocean view. However, I swear I can see a bit of blue water between the towers. For today, we see rich sunset-enhanced clouds instead.

I walked throughout the day with the compact Fujifilm X-E3. But I busted out the big camera for this one, the Fuji GFX 50R. I purposely shot 1 2/3 stop negative exposure compensation to preserve the sunset color. Then post-processed to lift the buildings in shadow.

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