Packing Up

Packing Up, Sunset Surfer - Honolulu, Hawaii

Packing Up, Sunset Surfer – Honolulu, Hawaii

Staying with the theme from yesterday, I have one more sunset surfer photograph. Though very different from yesterday’s composition.

Today’s and yesterday’s images are dramatic but in different ways. I also shot them with the same camera and lens, at 35mm. Goes to show how versatile a prime lens can be. “Zoom with your feet,” the prime (non-zoom) lens advocates often say. This is true, to a point. Sometimes you can’t change locations. It also doesn’t address the desire for telephoto compression or wide-angle distortion as a creative element.

As you can imagine, the subject was terribly backlit. Able modern technology on the image capture and post-processing side were able to bring this picture to life. I love the lens flare, which adds that Instagram-like touch. Though this was done for real, in-camera.

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