Seafood Selection

Seafood Selection, Don Quijote - Honolulu, Hawaii

Seafood Selection, Don Quijote – Honolulu, Hawaii

I just wrapped up my Chinatown and historic downtown series. I was there by myself, taking the bus from Waikiki. The evening was approaching. As I contemplated going back to the hotel, my wife called about meeting for dinner and food shopping. A last-minute change of my intended bus, and I was good to go.

We met at Don Quijote, a large Japanese supermarket located halfway between downtown and Waikiki. They had a modest food court where we picked up some much-needed low-priced dinner. Fancy restaurants are fine — on occasion — but can really rack up the costs. I like that we can pivot to where the locals go, far away from tourist pricing.

The food variety is mind-boggling. Don Quijote combines everything in a typical American supermarket with extensive Japanese, Asian, and Hawaiian selections. The prices are notably more accessible than others places too. It may not be as exotic as shopping here. But, it’s more my style.

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