Fresh Seafood Market

Fresh Seafood Market - Honolulu, Hawaii

Fresh Seafood Market – Honolulu, Hawaii

I noticed numerous fresh food markets in the Honolulu Chinatown, especially seafood. Certainly more than the other Chinatowns I’ve visited. Unfortunately, I arrived too late to catch the peak action. Many were already closed down, and there were few customers.

If I were to visit again, I would need to go in the morning instead of the early afternoon. Even then, I don’t expect the packed crowds of India. A bustling marketplace is always fun for street photography.

While the Honolulu Chinatown was grittier than expected. Markets like this tell me it’s a real place — made for residents and not tourists. Tourist-friendly spots are sanitized and safe, but you don’t get a dose of real life. Venturing from the expected places gives a more rounded view of a travel destination.

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