Cake Symmetry

Cake Symmetry - Honolulu, Hawaii

Cake Symmetry – Honolulu, Hawaii

I don’t generally indulge in cakes, and I’ve cut back on sweets. However, I’m willing to modify my diet on vacation or when a friend highly recommends a place. He told me to go to Waikiki Tea for some absolutely fabulous cakes. He was right.

Called Lady M cakes, they’re available at Lady M boutiques in the top metro areas. Waikiki Tea appears to be independent and not part of the boutique chain. Uniquely the cakes are made of 20 alternating layers of French Crepes and soft creme. You can see a close-up below. Available in multiple flavors, my wife and I shared the original.

I’ve featured the Waikiki Tea building about a month ago. A modest place on Beach Walk that you can easily miss. I captured the glowing structure during the blue hour for some extra architectural goodness.

Cake Symmetry - Honolulu, Hawaii

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