Henry’s Place and Waikiki Tea

Henry's Place and Waikiki Tea - Honolulu, Hawaii

Henry’s Place and Waikiki Tea – Honolulu, Hawaii

After capturing the sunset scene on Waikiki Beach, I rushed inwards towards the activity on Kalakaua Avenue. Blue Hour was approaching, and I was looking to create store portraits. On the way, I took Beach Walk and came upon this scene.

This modest building with two establishments has a character that I liked, especially during blue hour. It reminded me of the work of Nick Carver, who I follow on YouTube. His slow and methodical photography and video story-telling have a zen-like appeal. He goes into detail about photographing a Liquor Store and a Laundromat with his large-format film camera.

Nick’s deliberate photography is commendable. And while I appreciate watching his craft, I think I lack his patience. My approach was decidedly less craftsman-like and more technology-driven.

I visually lined up the shot and took this without a tripod and with the help of modest image stabilization via my Canon 35mm f2 IS lens. The Fuji GFX 50R did a commendable job recording the building in all its mundane glory.

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