Ritz Carlton Blue Hour

Ritz Carlton Blue Hour - Honolulu, Hawaii

Ritz Carlton Blue Hour – Honolulu, Hawaii

Given that this is the third time I’m featuring the Ritz Carlton in this year’s Hawaii series, you probably think I’m a major fan. Not particularly, though I do like the architecture of these buildings. In the grand scheme, they are not groundbreaking. However, the boxy, efficient, and boring condos that permeate Waikiki are not inspiring. At least these towers have character.

They also looked rather impressive as I walked down Beach Walk heading north. The randomly lit interior lights added a lived-in look that you don’t see during the daytime.

The palms and modern architecture are a combination that I’ve praised in several posts. They just go well together in my book. I tilted my composition up, reducing the ground-level clutter that detracts. Modernist structures seem significantly purer when the chaos of everyday life is removed.

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